Why you should consider the flu vaccine


A lot of people think they do NOT need a flu jab. Comments like I was never sick until I had the flu vaccination are not uncommon.

All good doctors can do is repeat the same boring – but evidence-based – advice.

Your immunity is not getting any better when you get older

Your chances of catching flu when you get older increases. Patients who are over 65 who had the flu vaccination will consult their doctor less (for flu, bronchitis or pneumonia) compared to those who have not been vaccinated.

Chronic conditions increase your chances of getting flu

Flu-related illnesses are more common in people with long term conditions. Diseases like chronic lung disease (Asthma, COPD), heart disease, diabetes or immune system deficiencies for instance. Any chronic disease makes you more vulnerable.

The benefits outweigh the risks

The evidence is that side effects are extremely rare, full stop. Vaccination is still the best protection against the unpredictable flu virus. The vaccinations have become safer, more reliable and more effective.

Use the vaccine that protects against 4 different viruses that are responsible for the majority of flu’s. Ask specifically for this vaccine in Indonesia as this vaccine has only been available in Indonesia since last year.

You can have the vaccine from age 6 months. The immune protection declines during the year, so it is important to get a new vaccination every year.

Flu can kill

For children, elderly, chronic ill or pregnant women the flu can not only be unpleasant but can even be lethal. Vaccination against flu is the best way to protect yourself or your loved ones.

Talk to your trusted Medical Practitioner to discuss this further. Good Practice Clinic has the quadrivalent Flu vaccine which protects against 4 different viruses which can cause flu.

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