We offer family medicine services as follows:

  • Primary health care of all ages (including acute and chronic diseases)
  • Travel Medicine
  • Routine vaccinations
  • All aspects of preventive health care , including support for behavior change
  • Tailor made medical check-ups
  • Management of various health conditions

Other services:

Medicals for insurances
Medicals for schools
Assistance with referrals abroad
Assistance in case evacuation is required

Family Medicine
Relocating to a new country can be a challenging experience. We listen carefully and respectfully to our patients and assist with their various needs. We are able to offer high level care and manage conditions that may have been previously managed by a family doctor in one’s home country. We use evidence based medicine and provide continuity of care in a supportive environment. Our services include a high tech laboratory and specimen collection for pathology tests, a quality pharmacy, coordinating imaging services and specialist appointments in and outside Jakarta.

Screening Programs and Medicals Offered
We provide health screening programs and medicals that are tailor made. The screenings can be selected to suit your personal needs.


To be able to provide superior care for the best outcome, Good Practice, as a unique family medicine clinic, implements key features as follows:

  • Evidence based medicine
  • Continuous medical education for all medical staff
  • Continuity of care provided by our dedicated team of doctors, who work full time and exclusively at  Good Practice
  • Good communication assuring that patients can fully understand and implement medical advice

Good Practice is a primary care center. In most countries the majority of care (85%) is handled in primary care. We believe in establishing a close relationship with our patients, applying evidence based medicine and using international guidelines, doing this in an environment where good communication plays a central role assures comprehensive care. To support or exclude any diagnosis we are supported by a high quality lab, which is on site for the patient’s convenience. A pharmacy is also available on the premises. If specialty expertise is required we provide coordination with specialists for our patients and relevant health information.

Our clinic has one of the only fully electronic medical record systems in a family clinic in Indonesia.

Our clinic uses a fully electronic medical record system. It is one of very few family clinics in Indonesia to use this advanced system.

Evidence based medicine: Integrating the best individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research. Good Practice has access to UptoDate UK, UK NICE guidelines, Dutch Standards for General Practice and UK Pulse learning. We aim to use these sources to enhance our clinical care. Using Evidence Based Medicine, GP’s can treat minor illness within the community, promote better health, prevent disease, certify disease, and monitor chronic disease (hypertension, diabetes, disability, asthma, etc.).

Continuous Medical Education: Our doctors are committed to not only fulfill their requirements for continuous professional education, they also try to keep up to date with the latest developments. Accredited courses on a wide range of topics are completed on a regular basis. Currently UK accredited Medical education is done in addition to the national requirements.

Continuity of care: A dedicated team, ensures better transfer of knowledge. Our doctors have daily clinical meetings. Patients are discussed and – when indicated – handed over to other team members personally. Good note keeping and comprehensive handovers when necessary are essential for this. Good Practice helps our entire team remain in control of your health by staying updated during any referral outside our practice. Although we are a normal family medicine clinic, we extend our services to our premium patients by providing outside business hours access to our doctors. The  Good Practice medical team assists patients in any way possible way over the telephone if a situation arises needing extra help.