Why you should consider the flu vaccine

A lot of people think they do NOT need a flu jab. Comments like I was never sick until I had the flu vaccination are not uncommon.

All good doctors can do is repeat the same boring – but evidence-based – advice.

Your immunity is not getting any better when you get older

Your chances of catching flu when you get older increases.

Do I need vitamin supplements?

We need vitamins and minerals for a good health. Some vitamins need to be eaten daily and others we can store. Should you be topping up?

Vitamins are divided into fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins.

You can store supplies of fat-soluble vitamins in your fatty tissues and liver and use them up when you need them.

Dizziness (lightheadedness)

I feel lightheaded….I feel dizzy….It is a complaint that is not unusual. Could it be the traffic or life in Jakarta? It is usually not a sign of anything serious. We do advise, it should be investigated by a doctor.

Some people use the word dizziness to describe a feeling of lightheadedness or off balance.