First Aid Training at New Zealand Independent School

nzis 7First Aid Training at NZIS

nzis 5A group of us from NZIS Attended a First Aid course on Saturday delivered by Dr. Asri, Dr. Agung, Dr. Volta and Dr. Steven from ‘Good Practice care services’:

A dedicated team of Drs presented an intermediate first aid training course to NZIS staff members and teachers. The training was comprised of both theory and practice.All the participants had to engage and remember instructions on what to do in emergency situations.

The key word learned was ‘DRCAB’. Assess the DANGER, Check for a RESPONSE, CALL for help, perform COMPRESSIONS, open AIRWAYS, maintain BREATHING. ( Ms Nellie)


SaturdNzis 3ay’s First aid course was extremely beneficial to me as both a teacher and a mother! From beginning until end, everything was taught and demonstra ted by the ‘Good Practice’ staff, in a clear, fun way!

The highlight for me was being able to practise each step that was being taught to us. The main thing I learned on Saturday was that if someone is unconscious, I’ve to remember DR CAB:

Dnzis 4anger ­ Avoid more danger / clear area! Response ­ Check for a response from the victim.

1.Help – ­ get someone to phone 118 and to bring an AED. 2.Pulse – ­ Check for a pulse. 3.Shirt -­ Lift shirt to carry out compressions.

Compressions Air Breathing I would definitely now feel confident to perform first aid in an emergency situation! (Ms. Eiimar)

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