Good Practice Pharmacy aims to be a quality pharmacy with premium selections of medication. We are supported by the expertise of our Pharmacist – Swanny Kurniasih who has gained broad experience at one of the leading hospitals in Indonesia.

Our pharmacy team will do their best to make sure that you understand clearly the indications and instructions on how to take the medicine that the Doctors have prescribed.

Good Practice Pharmacy is open to the general public:

Monday – Friday : 8.00 am – 19.00 pm
Saturday : 8.00 am – 13.00 pm.


Good Practice is supported by a high tech lab. The American equipment of Beckman Coulter is of the highest standard and quality. The brand is also used by the National University of Singapore Hospital. More importantly is that the quality control and support is provided by a well-known, highly respected clinical pathologist. He is a former university lecturer and has set up one of the most advanced laboratories in Jakarta. Good practice is pleased with his commitment to provide all technical support for our laboratory.

Good Practice Lab is open to the general public.